Personal Team Render farm in the Amazon EC2 cloud!

What is Team Render Cloud Control?

Utility Team Render Cloud Control automates the start-up and configuration of the application Cinema 4D Team Render R16, R17 in virtual machines Amazon EC2. You only need to run the necessary number of virtual machines with the desired characteristics.

How does the rendering work in the cloud

To get started you need to create and configure a virtual machine image (AMI), which will determine the characteristics of the operating system, as well as all the necessary plug-ins, scripts, fonts, and other important information for the correct calculation. Thus, you create a template from which the instances (virtual machines) are then started. Through this approach, the rendering is always done in the software corresponds exactly to your individual goals. Rare render farm can provide such an opportunity. By adjusting the number of virtual machines, you control the power of the entire system as a whole. Running Virtual Team Render cluster takes 5-7 minutes. In the following video you will learn how the process works.

Demo video

This video demonstrates a Team Render farm consisting of 20 virtual machines (instances) g2.2xlarge type. The cost of the farm is $2-2.5 per hour. The total capacity - 10 000 Cinebench R15 scores. Also you will learn about the basic principles of the Team Render Cloud Control and will be able to compare the cost of rendering the same project with the famous farm Rebusfarm. The results of rendering and animation project file can be downloaded at this link. Static picture is here. English subtitles available.

Tested types of instances

Below there is a small selection of the tested types of Amazon EC2 virtual machines, which can be used for rendering. The following table provides information about the types of instances, availability of virtual graphics card nVidia GRID, the number of virtual cores, RAM, Cinebench R15 CPU test and the cost per hour on demand and spot. The last column shows the prices spread. Actual prices you can always find on this page.


TRCC utility automatically assigns the role of the server and the client instances, which are marked with tags in the Management Console.

Each TR Client receives its name corresponding to instance ID of the virtual machine. This greatly facilitates navigation and helps identify the desired instance from the web interface Team Render Server.

After starting the TR Server user receives an e-mail notification of system availability, as well as a link to the web interface. You can choose to receive notifications through Pushbullet service, which is much more convenient.

TRCC allows the server startup programs and scripts. You can organize the automatic download of rendering results using tools to synchronize files. Some programs, such as AllwaySync, allows to send compressed files to the archives, which saves your expenses for the data transferring.

The monitoring function allows you to monitor the activity of render clients. You can stop the virtual machine, terminate, or send a message yourself automatically, when machines will be idle. Quick shutdown of unneeded instances can significantly reduce the cost of rendering.

Attention! To use the Cinema 4d Team Render in commercial render farms, you need to purchase a special Cinema 4D license. For more information about licensing, check out End User License Agreement (EULA) for MAXON Software.

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